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Now see pictures from The Devil Bat, The Mummy (1932), and The NeverEnding Story.
Last Updated: 16-Mar-08
See Also Alicia's Movie Commentaries  and Sound Files Pages for the latest addition: Strange Brew
Last Updated: 14-Apr-04
  aLicia's FractaLs   Fractals generated by Tiera-Zon and Apophysis and post-processed fractal art. View pictures, download source files.
Last Updated: 26-Oct-09
  My Favorite Directors   Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and their movies.
Last Updated: 2-Jan-06
  Alicia's Photo Gallery   Pictures of dogs, parrots and horses, mostly, but one or two of the people and the grounds might have slipped in as well.
Last Updated: 5-May-05
  JoxerLand: Home of an American Staffordshire Terrier   Joxer the Mighty is our much loved and indulged American Staffordshire Terrier. JoxerLand is our shrine to him.
Last Updated: 5-May-05
  LolaLand: Home of a Doberman   Lola is our Doberman Pinscher. You can see her grow up in photos.
Last Updated: 5-May-05
  Scrawls on the Walls: A Gallery of Digital Art   A Gallery of digital art
(Early experiments. It's lame and it's old but I'm attached to the concept if not the current incarnation...)
Last Updated: 17-Oct-00
  Pet Memorials   Photos and recollections of
the DoberGRLz, Mako & Echo and Boomer the Rottweiler.
Last Updated: 12-Dec-03
  Political Cartoons   Life interfered with my plan to produce a new cartoon every month on the run-up to the election—Sorry! Enjoy the two I completed.
Last Updated: 1-May-04
  What's Makin' the Rounds   Email gag pictures currently going around.
Last Updated: 8-Feb-07
  AK Rants   Now and then I rant; occasionally in public.
Last Updated: 14-Sep-08
  Friends & Family, Lost & Found   Am I the Alicia you're looking for?
Yes—If your name is on this list!
Last Updated: 8-Dec-07
  Recommended Links   This is the way out, if you insist. Links on topics including software bargains, PhotoShop tips, science, scepticism and other Drivel.
Last Updated: 8-Dec-07
  Featured Link: Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator  

Featured Link:
Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator
Link Posted: 14-Sep-08
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  Recommended Reading: The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion  

Recommended Reading:
The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion
What does an anti-choice woman do when she experiences an unwanted pregnancy herself?
Links Updated: 06-Sep-08

  Kewl Kidz Kewl Kidz  

Kewl Kidz
The press only breaks out their investigative skills every four years so they can scoop their competition by 20 seconds.
Links Updated: 22-Jun-08

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