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Yes... I do occasionally vary them.   Last Updated: 8-Dec-2007

· Search Engines that rock
· Software: good value for money
· Web Design
· Web Development
· Web Graphics / PhotoShop tips
· Movies, TV and Other Fun
· Science, Philosophy & Environment
· Politics
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  Search Engines that Rock
  Google google   I fell in love with Google the moment I discovered it. Even before I read that Web Usability guru Jakob Nielsen is on the Board of Directors.
  Open Directory Project at   Humans really do do it better!
I'm not ordinarily big on category-type search engines. But, the Open Directory Project, is a human-edited directory of the web that's organized extremely well, and I've found it useful many times.

  Software: good value for money
Note: Don't be misled, I'm not praising these products because they're cheap (or because I am!); I'm praising them because they have all been a pleasure to use, offered free evaluation and have exceeded my expectations.
How often do you find something like that?

Arachnophilia 4, an amazing piece of software distributed as CareWare, has been my favorite HTML editor for some time. It's still distributed, but is no longer supported or updated because it has been replaced by the platform-independent, java-based version, Arachnophilia 5.

Now I'm really torn. On the one hand, Arachnophilia 4 has some features I really love: it's right at home in a Windows OS (easily supporting some Windows Explorer file open actions, text drag and drop, split-window and minimized child doc windows), search and replace window - not a toolbar - which easily supports multi-line search strings (a feature I use heavily), internal browser preview, and a handy ASCII character codes list, to name a few.

On the other hand, Arachnophilia 5 now offers several features I've been yearning for: a show/hide option for the user toolbars as a group, regular expression support in the search and replace (have I wished for that once or twice!), improved syntax coloring, beautify and compress HTML selections not just the entire page, and indent or outdent blocks of code. Also, I can respect the author's impulse to loosen, in whatever way he can, Microsoft's stranglehold on the software industry's ability to innovate and compete.

Both versions offer: a great table wizard, right-click wizards to ease updating graphics links and color attributes, RTF to HTML conversion, strip HTML, assemble text lines, and maximal opportunity for the user to customize the interface and the shortcuts - all features I wouldn't easily live without. So although I can no longer choose a favorite, it's only because both options are so good.

  Forté Agent forté agent   One of the things I took away from my years reading Usenet (What's Usenet?) is an abiding affection for Forté Agent - the text-based workhorse of Newsreaders and Email clients. It's robust, easily configured, supports regular expressions in it's filters and doesn't fall for the worms miscreants keep writing for MS Outlook. All this for $29.00 - free if you choose Free Agent and can live without the email client.
  Graphic Workshop Professional graphic workshop professional  

I use this program every time I boot up. If it did nothing else, Graphic Workshop Pro would be worth its price for its ability to display virtually every image type in thumbnails and maintain a searchable keyword database. But it does much more than that - check out the rest of its features.

It's stable, it loads quickly, it doesn't hair up other apps or stick it's fingers into the nether regions of your OS, you can try it for free and it costs only forty bucks to register. Why are you still here ?

(While you're at Alchemy Mindworks, check out GIF Construction Set Professional, too. Another great value at $20.00.)

  Graphic Workshop Professional powermarks  

Another great little piece of software: Powermarks. If your bookmark files have gotten as large as mine and you despair of finding the bookmark you know you saved in one of these damn folders, somewhere... Do yourself a favor: try Powermarks. Locate your bookmarks by keyword using an instant search, access them from multiple computers, and use them with different browsers. You'll love it!

  GRBackPro grbackpro  

Did I have angst about back-ups until I found GRBackPro.

The way I see it, the problem with most backup systems is they depend upon some proprietary method of file compression which leaves you completely dependent upon them and their product to access whatever backups you produce with it. Until the end of time...
Call me crazy, but that gives me the willies.

GRBackPro, on the other hand, uses pkzip compression, so I can sleep at night knowing that if every copy this software were to evaporate into thin air one night, I could still unzip my data. It's also highly configurable, will back up to almost any media, including CD-RW (if you have packet-writing software) and has a simple - not simplistic - user interface.

The personal license is only $59.00, another low-cost gem.

  HyperSnap-DX hypersnap-dx  

HyperSnap-DX is a nifty image-capture and editing package for a great price. Check it out!

  F-Prot Antivirus f-prot antivirus   I know F-Prot Antivirus isn't made by one of those two big guys in virus protection that you've probably heard of. But you might find F-Prot is easier to configure, doesn't noticeably drain your PC's resources or unleash a deluge of marketing emails and costs less than the offerings of those big guys, too. Download the trial version and see for yourself.
  Web Design
  Dmitry's Design Lab dmitry's design lab   A terribly useful series of articles on Design Principles Dmitry's Design Lab - Graphic Web Design Using Fonts, Photography, Animation and HTML -
  Web Page Design for Designers design for designers   A good source of articles on a variety of topics: Web Page Design for Designers. I found Web Page Color Scheming Using Your Photos particulalrly interesting.
  Web Pages that Suck web pages that suck   The theory behind Web Pages That Suck is that you can learn good design by looking at bad design. I'm sceptical, but it's a good start, and plenty amusing to boot.
  Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen alertbox   A series of Web Design and Usability articles.
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability.
  CSS Zen Garden css zen garden   An impressive demonstration of the possibilities of CSS-based design and a must-see source of inspiration.
  Web Development w3schools offers tutorials on a variety of web development topics, including HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript SQL and ADO. They are well-structured and generally make for a good introduction to the material.
  Web Developer's Virtual Library web developer's virtual library   I never have the time to read as much as I'd like at The Web Developer's Virtual Library.
  Dynamic Drive dynamic drive   Looking for a great all-round DHTML resource? I really like Dynamic Drive.
  HTML Entity Set html entity set   I can never remember an entity when I need it, like this one - ° (°), or this one - é (é). Thank goodness the the HTML Entity Set page - keep that bookmark handy!
  Greeked Text greeked text   An indispensible resource for laying out web pages - greeked text is nonsense language used as a placeholder for visualization without the distraction of actual content. is the online home of Lynda Weinman, author of the H·O·T (Hands on Training) series of books and a great resource. I especially recommend the Inspiration and Tips pages. And, although the Web-Safe palette has become something of a quaint notion, the Color article is still worth a read.
  Danny Goodman   JavaScript resources from Danny Goodman, author of The JavaScript Bible and Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (both great books.)
  DevGuru devguru   A comprehensive, yet well indexed, resource for web developers. I'm not sure what I do without DevGuru.
  4GuysFromRolla 4guys fromrolla   Their motto is "When you think ASP, think 4GuysFromRolla" and you know, I do! If you don't find an article that interests you, be sure to check out has a cool name and a great image on the homepage, plus some actual content: articles and tutorials on JavaScript, ASP and CSS in particular.
  House of Style house of style   First stop when I have a question about Cascading Style Sheets.
  Web Graphics / PhotoShop Tips
  Doc Ozone doc ozone  

I'm not sure what it is; you might just have to visit The OZONE and see for yourself.

Wander about and drool over the way cool interfaces - I particularly like the PulsingEye. Also, don't miss the Hands-On PhotoShop Tutorials

  Absolute Cross PhotoShop Tutorials absolute cross   Absolute Cross PhotoShop Tutorials plus other web development and graphics resources, too.
  Anders Qvicker - AQ Art & Design aq art & design   I'd call this the most boffo PhotoShop artist on the web. You gotta have a recent version of Flash to get this site, but pleez, O pleez do not let that stop you!
AQ Art & Design.
  The Font Pool the font pool   For whatever reason, some of us just aren't happy unless we have 20 varieties of Swiss on hand, and I'm not talking cheese. That's what The Font Pool is for.
  Movies, TV and other Fun
  Pixar Animation Studios pixar   Yes, it's true, I'm a groupie for a bunch of computer animators and software engineers. Whatever Pixar Animation Studios produces, I expect I'll watch!
  rupaul's blog rupaul's blog   Dishy, chatty and fun: the quintessential celebrity blog. Movie sounds galore, in a searchable database. bowienet   David Bowie's little corner of the web. stuart davis   Music, other stuff.
  ArloNet arlo guthrie   You there, yah YOU, sittin' there on the Group W bench...
  Adrian Paul's Official Site adrian paul   The official site of Adrian Paul, TV's Highlander.
  Cinefex Magazine cinefex magazine   Cinefex Magazine: a must-read for people who are fascinated in the means behind the movie magic.
  Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation christopher reeve paralysis foundation   Sure, Christopher Reeve was a movie star, but his website has a little more serious purpose than most celebrity sites. The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation funds medical research to treat paraplysis due to spinal cord injury and provides grants to improve the lives of people living with such disabilities.
  Science, Philosophy and Environment
  The Cousteau Society the cousteau society   Home of an old, old friend. Give your Water Planet a break; help out! The Cousteau Society
  Pharyngula pharyngula   Pharyngula is where PZ Myers, one of my favorite godless liberals, blogs about science and mixes in a little social commentary.
  The Panda's Thumb the panda's thumb   The Panda's Thumb, where patrons gather discuss evolutionary theory, critique the claims of the anti-evolution movement, defend the integrity of both science and science education, and share good conversation.
  Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions   Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions - some questions creationists never seem to want to answer.
  Evolution vs. Creationism, Reality vs. Mythology evolution vs. creationism, reality vs. mythology   Plain talk in support of good sense.
  One side can be wrong one side can be wrong   Why not "teach the controversy"? Only because it would destroy science education in America.
  CSICOP On-line csicop online   CSICOP On-line: Encouraging the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view.
  National Center for Science Education national center for science education   National Center for Science Education: NCSE is a nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack.
  Alabama's Slice of Pi alabama's slice of pi   An April Fool for the scientifically literate:
Alabama's Slice of Pi
  The Debunker's Domain the debunker's domain   Read very far into The Debunker's Domain, by Robert Sheaffer and you risk finding something outrageous. I think the site is a lovely example of what the web should be all about: the free exchange of ideas.
  The War on Faith the war on faith   It's called The War on Faith, which says it all.
  Daily Kos: State of the Nation daily kos   The Daily Kos is sensible and progressive. Worth a look. Here are a couple good ones:
  The Left Coaster the left coaster   The Left Coaster, for unparalleled greatness. Stay up all night reading the archives; I did. Recommended reading: and the series that caused me to find The Left Coaster in the first place,
  I Blame The Patriarchy i blame the patriarchy   Let Twisty guide you:
  Pandagon pandagon   Pandagon is as close as I come to a daily read (or an addiction.) I actually read, and like, the comments as well. Here are a few greatest hits:
  Computer Stuff
  Gibson Research Corporation gibson research corporation   I've found a lot of food for thought and learned something too, from Start with Shields Up!! internet security testing for Windows and see if that dooesn't lead to some interesting reading.
  Reading Email Headers reading email headers   Reading Email Headers - a useful skill.
  How to Write Unmaintainable Code write unmaintainable code   This humorous essay on How to Write Unmaintainable Code is hilarious - sad that some readers apparently need to be told it's a joke up front.
  Death to Spam death to spam   Defending your Inbox and filling the spammers' lists with monkey dandruff. That's right, "monkey dandruff". You'll have to read it to know what that means.
  Dogs Dogs Dogs
  American Dog Owners Association american dog owners assn   The American Dog Owners Association has been advocating for sensible, breed-neutral public policy and legislation since 1970. Members include owners of all breeds, but fanciers of pit bull types, Dobermans, Rottweillers and other breeds frequently singled out in law in particular will find the ADOA a welcome ally.
  Shop 'til You Drop   It's not weird to own over a dozen cell phone covers, is it?

I mean, you need something to coordinate with every outfit and pair of shoes, right? Try for their great selection, low prices, quick service. Shopping with them is always a satisfying experience.
  Newport News newport news   They hardly need me to shill for them, I know, but I've been so pleased with the low prices and selection, particularly, doG love 'em, for the jeans in MY size! Shop online at Newport News, you'll thank me.
  northern Sun - Products for Progressives northen sun merchandising   Shoppping for progressives - Northern Sun.
  Ambivalent Muse: by Amy Hunter ambivalent muse   My friend Amy, though tragically less inclined to rant than I am makes some of her thoughts public over at Ambivalent Muse, "A blog about many things." I'd recommend taking a look!
  Heartless Bitches International heartless bitches international   Heartless Bitches International, telling it like it is since 2001 (maybe before.)
  Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About things my girlfriend and i have argued about   Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About - pretty hilarious stuff.
  Cap'n Wacky's Unfortunate Valentine's Cards cap'n wacky's unfortunate valentine's cards   Laugh 'til you can't breathe... I did. Cap'n Wacky's Unfortunate Valentine's Cards.
  Peter Pan's Home Page peter pan - randy constan   Yeah, I said the web was for the free exchange of ideas, but it's really great for something else, too: quirky personal home pages. This Peter Pan fan is a favorite of mine.
  Perpetual Bubblewrap perpetual bubblewrap   This is the my favorite page; I visit often. Waste vital minutes! Check out the Perpetual Bubblewrap - a fab stress reliever!
  A REAL Magic trick a REAL magic trick   Have a look; it's a A REAL Magic trick: An elegant illusion, perhaps you will unlock its secret faster than I did.

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