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You Say Toe-May-Toe...


Who caught NPR's Science Friday today? One of the topics under discussion was the question of how we, as a nation, can safely dispose of - or perhaps more properly, store - the nuclear waste we generate. Damned if I know; that's a helluva big question.

But did you catch that braintrust from Nevada who called up and took Ira to task for pronouncing his state's name "Ne-VAH-dah" instead of "Ne-VA-dah"? I might be more inclined to take his advice if he hadn't, in the next several minutes, gone on to refer, no fewer than three times, to the topic of "nuke-U-lar" waste. Egads - the real-life Homer Simpson has been found.

New-clee-yer, Homer, new-CLEE-yer.

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