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Boy, Do I Miss Star Trek


There has been a Star Trek on television since The Next Generation premiered in 1987 and I worked my schedule around the various incarnations until 2001 when the latest offering, Star Trek in name only, came along.

Star Trek: Enterprise, how do I loathe you? Let me count the ways:

One thing… one thing they got right from day one: the opening song and images. I've always thought this franchise had a gift for opening music. The original Star Trek theme is legendary, of course, and I have serious weak spot for the Voyager title music as well. Enterprise, like it's predecessors, could stop me with it's intro—every single time I saw it, I was inspired and moved. I certainly couldn't change the channel while it was on and more than once I was sucked into watching the show.

You know where this is going, right? They changed it. They sped up the tempo, made it more upbeat, thereby destroying it. I guess they just couldn't stand ruining their perfect failure with something beautiful. Thanks guys. It's a lot easier to turn that channel now.

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