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I have had it with the American Taliban...


When are my fellow citizens going to wake up from their television-induced stupor to realize what the religious wrong are doing to our country? For starters, their spooky obsession with oocytes and embryos has subjected us to a White House that ignores treason during wartime.

The latest outrage? Ideologue pharmacists actually imagine that they have the right to refuse to fill legal prescriptions for medications (you guessed it: contraceptives) to which they morally object. Newsflash! Pharmacists fill prescriptions written by doctors. That's what they do. They do not, as in ever, treat patients or even more absurdly, get to refuse to treat patients. The only right of refusal they have is to refuse to be a pharmacist. I support that right and I wish these shameful examples would exercise it with their employers' help.

Is this OK with you?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, what the hell are you doing here? If not, you'd better start speaking up and saving your country from the American Taliban.

Did you know abortion rates were dropping in the US ( until hurricane Dubya hit our economy)? ( 2, 3 )

Did you know that high abortion rates correlate NOT with legality of abortion but with ineffective and/or unavailable contraception? (So why does the American Taliban oppose readily available contraception—could it be they hate women's full participation in society?)

Pick one of the offenders listed here and send the company president an honest-to-goodness paper and stamp letter beseeching him/her to prevent the lunatic fringe from using pharmacies to distribute repressive religious beliefs instead of medicine. I'll get you started:

President of Target Corporation:

Gregg W. Steinhafel
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Study history—the "good old days" weren't. Speak up before it's too late.

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