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The Small Men in the White House


This space is generally reserved for my own rants but Athenae's post on the "Small Men" heading our government and the Republican party expresses my feelings since 9/11 better than I ever could:

But they never were our leaders. They told us to be afraid, and they turned us on each other, and they gave away our money to their friends and killed our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. They sniped and they snarled, but they never did lead us. They never brought us an inch above ourselves, or a milimeter closer together.

I remember the paranoid, blustering speech Dubya made days after the towers fell that scared me more than the attack itself had. I saw, in my horrified imagination (and sadly confirmed in reality in the years since), America becoming like Isreal: perpetually at war and increasingly indistinguishable in its behavior from its enemies. Still worse—my fellow citizens heard these chilling words and were reassured by them.

It's bad enough that our current leaders are such small men. What deeply terrifies me is that so few of us have ever felt anything but well-represented by them.

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