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Three Reasons George Bush is good for Osama bin Laden


Three Reasons George Bush is good for Osama bin Laden:

1. wacking great recruiting for al-Qaeda: Bush's obsession with Iraq
Nothing gets extremist butts into the training camps faster than a Western occupation of an Islamic country, unless it's widespread detention without trial and torture of Muslims. To quote Paul W. Schroeder at The American Conservative:
Deliberately provoking the United States into open, declared war against him, his forces, radical Islamism, and worldwide terrorism was bin Laden's way of expanding a struggle he was already waging but losing
to galvanize more believers into that suicidal zeal that al-Qaeda and its kindred organizations need as a baby needs its mother's milk

2. saving his own ass
The Iraqi occupation has diverted military resources, personnel and attention from rooting OBL out of whatever cave he's been hiding in the last 5 years.

3. harming the United States
Since his re-election in November, 2004, the Current Occupant's 'Stay and Pray' strategy in Iraq has cost the United States

And how do we tally the incalculable damage the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal has done to our Constitution?

The interlocking nature of George W. Bush's and Osama bin Laden's agendas has created a perfect storm for the United States of America. Together these men have harmed our country more than either ever could have alone.


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