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There are a lot of cute pictures making the rounds in email that I would like to pass along, but slow modems and people becoming increasingly wary of viruses forced me to consider an alternative.

I've decided that it might be easier all around if I post the pictures I like and just forward the URL whenever the page is updated. The newest stuff is at the bottom with underscores ( - ) before the names. I hope you enjoy it, and if you would like to be emailed when it changes or you have anything to contribute, please send it to me at
Last Updated: 8-Feb-07

    1. Bird Flu Hits Florida Trailer Park
    2. Blonde's Answer on Geometry Test
    3. Bush or Alfred E. Neuman
    4. Extreme Sports
    5. Fence Face
    6. Frisk Dog
    7. Im-a-Star
    8. Ladybug Turtle
    9. Lounging Kangaroo
  10. Mama and Baby Giraffes
  11. The Bush Strategery
  12. You Know Your Ass is Too Small When..
  13. _Attention Tree
  14. _Close Encounter with a Pit bull
  15. _Giraffe Dachshund
  16. _Pony Mechanic
  17. _Proof of Global Warming

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