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Family & Friends, Lost & Found

Hi from Alicia in Minnesota!

I set up this page to catch friends and family with whom I've lost touch over the years - so if you Googled your name (or mine) and wound up here, welcome!

If your name is on this list (or someone you know is) then maybe I'm the Alicia Knapp you once knew... email me and find out.

Amy Freeberg/Amyl Freeberg
Amy Wolfbauer/Amy Anthony/Amy Lindsey
Angela Smith
Ann McKenzie
Bertrand Sion
Betsy Milbach
Bill Milbach
Bill Benner
Bob Knapp
Brian Person
Candy Johnson
Carol Johnson
Cathy Johnson
Cathy Rosenholtz
Cheryl Johnson/Cheryl Taylor
Chitra Shanmugham
Chris Knapp
Christine Johnson
Christine Quist/Christine McVicker
Chuck Bruno
Cindy Johnson
Cindy Pick
Craig Andresen
Cynthia MacLean
Dan Powell
Dennis Sherman
Donnelle Burlingame
Gena Bergman
Glen Owen
Greg Johnson
Heather Wakefield
Jean Lee
Jeff Schusted
John Carlucci
Jon Peterson
Karen Bergem/Karen Boigenzhan
Karen Ketterling/Karen Lee
Karole Wagner/Karole Ives
Kay Westergren
Kelli Mulvaney
Kelly Murphy/Kelly Cappelletti
Kevin Benner
Kim Ford
Kitty Huberty
Lee Noll
Leslie Carlucci
Lori Huberty
Mark Piepkorn
Mary McArdle
Mary McFee
Meriel Kosokar
Michelle Shears
Pattie Murphy
Patricia Farrell
Phil Farmer
Phil Suhm
Randy Kennedy
Rhonda Rebartchek/Rhonda Wolfbauer
Rich Irvine
Rose Mattera
Sarah Khan
Sharon Danielson
Shawna Franklin
Sheila Green
Sheila Liefert
Sheryl Cleveland
Steve James
Sue Knapp
Sue Littlefield
Susan Buzzelli
Todd Doty
Trudy Ophaug
Wendy Quist/Wendy Hommelsheim


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