1987 - My first dog, a mixed-breed named Amanda Lynn, Mandy for short.

1994 - A great day to walk alongside the Mississippi river with Boomer and Grendel.

August, 1991 - Red Dobermans: Mako as a puppy and Grendel.

August, 1991 - Mako, my second red Doberman, as puppy.

January, 1992

January, 1992 - Stacked for the puppy classes.
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June, 1994

Dec, 1994 - The DoberGRLz: Echo and Mako.
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Jan, 1999 - Mako (red Dobe) and Echo (black Dobe.)

1999 - AKC/International CH Cruisin' CJ OFA, OFEL, an American Staffordshire Terrier bred by Cruisin' Kennels, and Joxer's dam.

1999 - Geneva, a hilarious and dear Greyhound that I had the pleasure of knowing, but not owning.

July, 1999 - Joxer, an American Staffordshire Terrier puppy stalking his pal, Mako.

July, 1999 - See how Joxer emulated Boomer?

Jul, 1999 - Boomer illustrationing his gentleness with 8-week old Joxer.

July, 1999 - Mako and Boomer couldn't get enough of Joxer when he was a new puppy.

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