July 15, 1999 - The deciding factor in the decision to crop Joxer's ears was the certain knowledge that no one would ever take him seriously with these ears. I'd been through that with Grendel and just wasn't willing to go through it again!

July 15, 1999 - Where's the Joxer in this picture?

August, 1999 - Joxer the American Staffordshire Terrier puppy with his new ears.

August, 1999 - What is about this breed? It's apparently genetic that they be junkyard dogs.

August, 1999

August, 1999 - One wonders how it is that the silliest puppy in the world can look so serious!

August, 1999 - Puppy Xanadu: Marty's pond.

August, 1999 - Mako and Joxer facing off. Joxer really brightened her last year; they were inseperable.

September, 1999 - The first in an apparently endless series of this shot from Marty.

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